Triangular sideboard, an original work.

Presentation Georgica Marin Meccani

Designed and built in 1970 , the sideboard created great curiosity when it was presented for the first time at the inauguration of the Mostra Artigiani Riuniti in Cascina .

A black equilateral triangle . It was not a provocation but the search for new shapes and colors for the time .

A large sideboard with eight doors and internal shelves , function and beauty starting from a pure form where the inclined lines intersect with horizontal and vertical signs .

It is a youthful work by Ferdinando Meccani which also experimented with new techniques in that period .

S7 Saturno series, coffee tables

Presentation Georgica Marin Meccani

Welcome to Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, beautiful and famous, Unesco World Heritage Site, emblem of the Romanico Pisano style, with its three main monuments, the Cathedral with the pendent tower, the Baptistery, and the Camposanto, symbolizing also the greatness of the city in the Middle Ages at the time of the Repubbliche Marinare.
Numerous works of art kept there. We are here, in this wonderful square to present our new contemporary design collection made up of small coffee tables made of terracotta and wood and decorated by hand.
Each piece is unique, non-reproducible, painting, which is freely inspired by Romanico Pisano geometries. We chose the S7 table from the collection.
The entire collection is designed and created by Mascia Meccani.
The work, of small dimensions, cm 43 x 29 x h 46, presents a very thick top in wing with a polychrome geometric painting in mixed technique and a base entirely in glazed terracotta with two colors, turned and decorated by hand.
The object bears witness to the author's search for colors with an evident link between past and future where Design, art as painting and sculpture combine into an artifact to be seen and used.

Terracotta and wood
Unique handmade pieces