Unique Works design & art

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Unique Works

Unique Works is a Collection of contemporary and twentieth century design and art works, unique pieces handcrafted.
Exclusive pieces made with passion and creativity.
Wood, stone, ceramic, natural forms…

The first design work we propose is carved mahogany and oak fruit bowl

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OCCHIODIBUE Fruit bowl by Pietro Meccani, 2021

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In carved mahogany and oak.
Unique piece signed.
Dimensions ( cm ): W 42,5 x D 36 x H 32


PLACE OF ORIGIN: Handmade in Italy, Tuscany.

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The fruit bowl is completely hand-carved, hollowed out in the center, rectangular in shape, reminiscent of grandmother's old fruit baskets.

The work is sculpted like most of the author's works that testify to a search for natural matter.

In the "Libeccio" series for example, the works are modeled by Nature it self through the wind, the sea …