Corinto Sideboard

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CORINTO Sideboard
by Ferdinando Meccani,1978

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In cherry wood and wengè with 4 doors and 8 drawers.
Dimensions (cm): W 180 x D 58,5 x H 182

CREATOR: Meccani Arredamenti, Cascina (Pisa) Tuscany Italy


Limited edition of n.20 pieces all numbered by Meccani Design, 2021

Beautiful example of italian design from the 70s, geometry, symmetry and attention to detail.
Ferdinando Meccani, on glossy ink and pencil paper, draw a square, a marble monolith, a stone black, then a square within the square, symmetrical and proportional vertical and horizontal lines starting from a multiple of 10 cm.
The square rotates and intensifies in the central part; the search for detail and the cultural relationship with Carlo Scarpa is evident.
This series of vertical and horizontal lines, this picture, suddenly becomes three - dimensional: the lines generate drawers and doors, become function, become a piece of furniture.
But in the center of the square the block of marble is excavated, matter is removed, following Michelangelo and introducing the circle ...
The contrast between cherrywood and wenge' accentuates the symmetries of the sideboard.
The "Corinto" sideboard and table were presented at one of the first Editions of Firenze Arreda, at the Fortezza da Basso.
About ten sideboards have been realized in total.

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Handmade in Italy
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Corinto sideboard and table

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Symmetry, Geometry, Detail
S.Maria Novella, Florence
Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472)